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'This has unlocked my child's communication.  She was making no progress, for several years.  Now she is communicating ALL THE TIME.'
'I can't quite put into words what it feels like when you are used to seeing your child silent or struggling to communicate, but then they meet Ali and she just has this way of putting them at ease, and the language starts flowing out of them!  
It is really quite magical.'
'I came to this therapy frazzled.
Ali helped me to see that my child is not broken.  Far from it.  She saw his potential, and believed in him.
Now he is using his iPad to communicate and it is incredible.  He types these messages.  We had no idea he had all this in his head.'
'Ali makes it look simple, like it's just playing with your child.  And it is, but with language thrown in.  
I didn't really know what my child needed.  I didn't recognise that they were communicating in so many ways.  Ali helped me see that they are, and as soon as this happened, their communication took off.'
Ali's approach is empathic, flexible, sensitive, trusting and fun.  With her deep understanding of Gestalt Processing, she has met our 6 year old son exactly where he is on his speech development journey.  
Ali is incredibly knowledgeable in this field.  Her book is a must-have for understanding gestalt language processing and how to provide the right support in a neurodiversity-affirming way.
Ali has mindfully equipped us as a family, with the tools and knowledge that benefits us, while not overwhelming us.  Our son is always so excited to go to 'Ali's house'! for his therapy sessions.  There is no doubt, in the words of Barry Prizant, Ali 'get's it'. 
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