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'A massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
Ali has been super... very friendly, supportive and helpful in all aspects of SALT'

Chloe, parent

'Ali has made an overwhelming difference to my child’s speech & language skills. From speaking a handful of words, to speaking around 100 words in just 4 weeks of sessions!'
'I have learnt so much... how to understand and be patient with certain traits my child displays. I feel like my relationship is so much more special... instead of feeling frustrated and like I’m failing, I now feel like I can understand, help & learn alongside my child.'
'Therapy with Ali has made a massive difference. My child can now sit and engage in activities for longer periods of time, enjoying them more and getting more pleasure from interactions instead of feeling too bombarded or overwhelmed.'
I have noticed that my daughter is stammering less and when she does stammer is able to calmly control it in a way she couldn't before.  It has made a huge difference.
My daughter has now been equipped with different techniques to help her control the stammer. She has also learned to embrace it as well and not be embarrassed by it as she was before. This has definitely empowered her to be more confident in everyday life.
I worry less now on how she will cope in stressful situations.

Annabelle, parent

Father and Son Playing whilst tidying the kitchen

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