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Supervision for SLTs

I am able to provide remote supervision for Speech and Language Therapists in independent practice.  I charge £75 per hour for this.  We can schedule regular or one-off ad hoc sessions.  I specialise in autism, gestalt language processing and AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and am able to provide support in these clinical areas.  I am passionate about transforming the way we view autism, moving from deficit-based to strengths-based thinking.


I thoroughly enjoy supervision sessions, especially the cross-fertilisation of ideas, which enriches our practice.  I am incredibly proud of our profession and I want to see it flourish and grow with new generations of superb SLTs.  A good supervision session should feel liberating and creative, and affirming of your instincts as an individual therapist.

I have completed advanced training in clinical supervision skills.  I have received and delivered professional coaching, and taken part in  Action Learning Sets.  I am trained in counselling skills and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

I am a trained yoga teacher, and have written a book entitled 'Self-Care for Allied Health Professionals' published by Routledge.

three professionals meeting for supervision

I am committed to continuing professional development and

evidence-based practice, with sparks of bravery and creativity.  I am perpetually curious and enjoy learning about how other Speech and Language Therapists approach their work.  I use

appreciative inquiry to facilitate engaging and enlightening conversations

between professionals.  Supervision should be thought-provoking, surprising and affirming.

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