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Training and Public Speaking

I regularly carry out face-to-face training and speaking events for other Speech and Language Therapy teams.  I lecture to Univeristy students, and provide hands-on training for schools teams.  I am passionate about AAC and literacy for non-speaking and minimally-speaking children.  My mission is to show that non-speaking does not mean non-thinking: we just have to provide the right supports for these children.

My favourite training to date. This was a really well chosen topic and Ali's training style really suited our team. Huge thanks to everyone involved in setting this up. I hope we can continue our learning with Ali. I feel really enthusiastic about working with GLP's moving forward where as before this was an area I was definitely under confident in.
Genuinely so interesting, I wish every SLT had the privilege of hearing Ali speak - thank you!
That was one of my favourite CPD days!
Was lovely to have someone so knowledgeable come in to talk to us about this exciting clinical area of GLP.
Ali is so passionate about her work.  She brings such an energy: it is infectious.  
I was not confident about introducing AAC to the autistic children that I work with, but Ali has given me pointers and resources and now I can't wait to get stuck in.
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Gestalt Language Processing 

I offer one day face-to-face training sessions on Gestalt Language Processing.  This workshop includes:

  • the research background

  • identification of GLP

  • stages 1-6 of Natural Language Acquisition

  • Real case histories

  • scoring practice

  • time for discussion

AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

My workshops can be tailored to the needs of your group, but typically include:

  • what makes a robust AAC system?

  • how to introduce an AAC system

  • iPad and paper-based AAC

  • real case studies with video examples

  • incorporating literacy and access to an onscreen keyboard

  • Gestalt Language Processing options

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